An Online MIP Alcohol Awareness Class

This is a 4 hour alcohol awareness class for minors who:

a) have been cited for Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol
b) have had a school related alcohol violation
c) are being provided an alcohol education protram by their educational institution.

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About our Rethink-a-Drink™ Alcohol Awareness Class

A 4 hour alcohol awareness class designed for minors who have been referred to an alcohol education class by their school, probation officer, judge, teen or peer court.

This is a 100% completely online alcohol awareness class that is 100% self-paced. Our alcohol awareness class is offered by the reputable Offender Solutions® series of online classes and was developed by experts. It is a 4 hour alchol awareness class and can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home.

Or, instead of taking the online MIP class, take it by mail with our workbook. class. Buy the Workbook class here.

About Us

At Offender Solutions® we are quite proud of what we have accomplished. Offender Solutions® was founded through the combined 44 years of experience of a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, (CADC), parole officer, a juvenile probation officer, two college instructors and a justice system policy analyst. Each of these roles contributed greatly to the style, delivery and content of our online alcohol awereness class.

We don't make ridiculous claims like a 95% success rate but we do know that we use the best practices. We address the criminogenic risk factor - attitudes, values and beliefs. Offender Solutions® addresses victim issues, accountability, values and personal responsibility. Our approach is the most effective intervention - cognitive restructuring.

We are proud of our work and expect you will be pleased with our offender solution.


An online (internet) alcohol awareness class


Workbook alcohol awareness class


For minors (people under 21) who need to complete an alcohol education class, or are required by a court / probation officer / school / teen, peer or youth court.


Anytime, at the client's convenience.

Program Description:

Our Rethink-a-Drink™ class is for people who have been involved in an alcohol related incident or as an educational preventative program for schools. This alcohol awareness course is appropriate for mandated clients who are required to complete an alcohol education classes or for schools to use as their student alcohol awareness prerequisite. The Rethink-a-Drink™ student works through several chapters and completes an exam after each assignment and again at the conclusion of the alcohol awareness course. A Certificate of Completion is activated at the conclusion of the alcohol/MIP class and can be printed and used as confirmation of completion. This alcohol awareness class is not intended, or adequate, for people who are repeated serious offenders; people who have demonstrated abuse or addicted symptoms; are seriously mentally ill, (i.e., psychotic), brain damaged, are unable to grasp or learn new ideas.

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The Offender Solutions® Inc. Rethink-a-Drink™ Alcohol Awareness Class

Offender Solutions® Inc. provides Rethink-a-Drink™ as a 4hour alcohol awareness class. The Rethink-a-Drink™ curriculum is based on the work of Allison Butterfield, CADC. Our alcohol awareness class teaches the "levels of use" and lets the student conduct a brief level of use screening. The class teaches about the hazards of consuming alcohol any one time and the hazards of long term use and abuse. Included is a screening to help give the student a feel of how "at risk' they might presently be of developing an alcohol abuse problem. The class promotes personal responsibility and reveals the impact alcohol use has on those around us. No alcohol awareness class would be complete if it did not include refusal strategy and techniques. The Offender Solutions® Rethink-a-Drink™ class uses a cognitive restructuring approach which basically follows the tenant of Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993): "Change your thoughts and you will change your world." Our alcohol awareness class asks the students to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs. Rethink-a-Drink™ ends asking the client to figure out what they believe, who they are and to identify their value system.

Simply stated the Rethink-a-Drink™ class is designed to help young people learn a healthy respect for alcohol use and abuse.

Rethink-a-Drink™ referrals come from courts, juvenile departments, schools and teen/peer courts.

Tell me about the online Rethink-a-Drink™ Alcohol Awareness class.

It really is pretty simple. The first thing you do is get registered so you can take your online alcohol awareness class - it's free to register. Try not to register more than one time, you will likely lose track of your usernames and passwords and need to call our help center.

When you register you will be asked to input your email address. This becomes important because after you register for the online Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awarenesst class you will be sent an auto generated email confirming your registration. If you don't get an email right away I suggest you check your spam or junk-mail to see if it is there. You will also be asked for the email address of the person who referred you to our alcohol awareness class (If you have it). It is usually worth taking the time to get that person's email address because that person is sent a confirmation that you got registered for the Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class and again when you complete your alcohol awareness class.

Pick your class, click on the PayPal/Credit Card icon to pay for your Rethink-a-Drink™ class and you are ready to go.

Are there added costs or other things to buy?

The Offender Solutions® Online Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class is 100% online. There are no additional items to buy and there are no added costs.

Will the Offender Solutions® Online Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class be accepted by the person who referred me to an alcohol awareness class?

Offender Solutions® is a nationwide premier provider of online alcohol awareness classes and has been accepted in every state in the country. That said, there is no national standard for alcohol awareness classes and any judge, probation officer, school, teen/peer court or employer can accept any alcohol awareness class or reject it. We do offer a money back guarantee (be sure to read the details) if our online alcohol awareness class is not accepted.

Can I really take my alcohol awareness class anytime - day or night?

That's right! You can take your Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class anytime, day or night, 23 hours a day 7 days a week. You also only need to work on your alcohol awareness class for as long as you want to. Stop and start when you want - the system will remember where you last ended your alcohol awareness class.

Are your Rethink-a-Drink™ class exams difficult to pass?

Our exams do have fairly high standards. If you want to be sure to successfully complete any one chapter in your online alcohol awareness class you will very likely pass the exam if you simply read the material in that chapter. The only people who report our Rethink-a-Drink™ exams to be problematic are the people who tried "skimming" without learning. Our exams are typically reported to be easy after the person actually reads the chapter.

What if I need help, have a problem or need support?

Support to our Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class is very important to Offender Solutions®. We offer email support seven days a week 15 hours a day. We provide phone support 10 hours a day on weekdays are often available by phone on weekends. You can email or and you will typically get a response in 1 hour or less.

How do I get my Rethink-a-Drink™ class completion certificate?

After you have completed your alcohol awarenesst class a Completion Certificate is immediately made available to you. If you want Offender Solutions® to mail or email you a certificate, just ask - no added fee. Mailed Rethink-a-Drink™ Completion Certificates are embossed and can be sent directly to the person who referred you to our alcohol awareness class.

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A Really Good Choice

Our Re-think-a-Drink™ underage alcohol awareness class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, teen court, peer court, youth court, PO, diversion or school required program.

A 100% online alcohol education class you can from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. There is nothing to download or print, simply register, log in, pay and begin your alcohol class.

Your Certificate of Completion is immediately available upon completion - at no extra charge.

Our Courses Include:

24 hour access to your class

Immediate Proof of Enrollment

Start and stop at any time - work at your pace

Use home computer or public library

A world class learning experience

User friendly

Support by phone weekdays, by email 7 days a week

Free Certificate of Completion immediately available upon completion

Workbook (mail) class available too.

Our Philosophy

Change your thoughts and you change your world .

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

Learn about our money back guarantee
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