An Online MIP Alcohol Awareness Class

This is a 4 hour alcohol awareness class for minors who:

a) have been cited for Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol
b) have had a school related alcohol violation
c) are being provided an alcohol education protram by their educational institution.

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About our Rethink-a-Drink™ Alcohol Awareness Class

A 4 hour alcohol awareness class designed for minors who have been referred to an alcohol education class by their school, probation officer, judge, teen or peer court.

This is a 100% completely online alcohol awareness class that is 100% self-paced. Our alcohol awareness class is offered by the reputable Offender Solutions® series of online classes and was developed by experts. It is a 4 hour alchol awareness class and can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home.

Or, instead of taking the online MIP class, take it by mail with our workbook. class. Buy the Workbook class here.

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A Note to our Students:

How about a alcohol/MIP alcohol class that won't tell you that you must stop drinking? What would you think about a MIP alcohol class that tries to provide open and honest information - be it good or be it bad - and then says . . . "It is your decision to continue to drink or not. What we hope for is that you be informed - we know the choices are yours." Simply stated, we don't make the assumption that you want to quit drinking. The choice to drink - or not - is only controlled by you. The point is that if you do want to stop, there is hope. If you do not want to stop, in the end that choice will be yours, we will respect that position.

Who is appropriate:

1) Minors who have been cited for an alcohol related offense or a Minor in Possession of Alcohol offense

2) Students who have an alcohol related referral, as an alternative to expulsion or suspension subject to completion of a Alcohol Awareness/MIP program.

3) Those enrolled in a college that requires completion of an Alcohol Awareness program for all incoming students.

4) Parents who are concerned about their child’s alcohol consumption.

5) Youth who are concerned about their own alcohol consumption and want to gain further education.

Alcohol education classes can vary a great deal in terms of content and delivery method. Like many things on the internet they are not always what they "appear" to be. Fortunately most of the alcohol awareness / alcohol education classes offered online are good and reputable, however, there are a few MIP alcohol education classes offered that are either a bit deceptive about pricing (i.e., one price is all you really pay), certificate delivery (is it mailed or does it cost more?) or simply do not meet a high professional MIP alcohol education class quality standards.

Offender Solutions® is a Nationwide Company that has a reputation across the nation for our high quality programs.

Some "Online" MIP alcohol education / alcohol awareness programs are not actually a real online service. These MIP alcohol classes indicate they are an online MIP alcohol program because they can be found and purchased on a web page, but in reality the MIP class is really a book you purchase or a download file that you put on your computer. This is really not an online MIP class but rather a product you purchase on the web.

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At Offender Solutions® when we say we offer an Online MIP Alcohol Class, we mean "Online." With our Rethink-a-Drink™ class you will register online, create your username/password so that you can log in and out of the MIP alcohol class as many times as you want 24/7. You make your MIP alcohol class purchase online. You take all of your MIP alcohol coursework online as well. There are no downloads or anything else. The system will "remember" you and all of your scores as you log in and out of our secure system. You will also be able to print the Rethink-a-Drink™ class Certificate of Completion directly from your screen upon successful completion of the program.

**Please note we do also offer a MIP alcohol class workbook/correspondence course for those without internet access.

If you are comparing alcohol education programs we encourage you to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. What is the history of the alcohol education / alcohol awareness company providing the course? What kind of experience, education and training qualifies them to offer an alcohol awareness class?

Offender Solutions® is a nationwide service with extensive experience with underage drinking and at providing high quality alcohol awareness classes. All Offender Solutions® counselors are required to complete rigorous training prior to becoming a certified counselor. All Counselors are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and are supervised by staff with a minimum of a Master's Degree.

Can a judge, probation officer or attorney contact the agency to verify credentials?

Of course! If your specific court is not familiar with our program you may wish to print our court approval documentation, (click here to get document) to give them further information. If they contact our office we will also provide them access to our online Rethink-a-Drink™ class so they can view the program and its integrity for themselves.

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1. Introduction – Outlines class use and expectations.

2. History of Alcohol – Reviews historical values about alcohol use.

3. What’s the Big Deal – Explains problems associated with alcohol use.

4. Levels of Use – Shows the “levels of use” and conducts a level of use screening.

5. Who is At Risk – Summarizes risk issues and student gets a risk screening.

6. Our Values – Defines “values” and how they impact the path of our life.

7. The Choices We Make – Outlines a template for making life choices.

8. Making Up Your Own Mind – Poses questions about our attitudes, values and beliefs.

9. Summary and Final Exam – Puts the pieces of the class into context.

The primary goal of the Offender Solutions® Rethink-a-Drink™ underage drinking alcohol awareness class is for the student to seriously explore his/her own attitudes, values and beliefs about underage drinking . Rethink-a-Drink is a distance learning program that has five key objectives:

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OBJECTIVE 1: Empowerment: To assist the client in developing a sense of personal responsibility for each decision made. Prior to completing our alcohol awareness course each student will be aware that his/her “level of use” and “level of risk” is mostly impacted by themselves and their attitudes, values and beliefs about alcohol use.

OBJECTIVE 2: Education: To inform each student of the long and short term problems associated with alcohol use. 

OBJECTIVE 3: Skills:  To facilitate the development of an alcohol refusal strategy and expose the student to a variety of “in the moment” techniques.  The need to identify specific strategies and techniques and practice is encouraged and emphasized.

OBJECTIVE 4: Victim Awareness: Special attention is paid to identify the impact that alcohol use has on strangers, friends, family, fellow students and work colleagues.  Prior to the completion of the Rethink-a-Drink underage drinking class, the student will be aware that any one incident or abuse of alcohol increases the likelihood that there is a victim(s).

OBJECTIVE 5: Values Development: The student is exposed to the notion of “values”. This objective entails having the student look into him/herself, introspectively, and weigh their values regarding underage drinking.

This is a 4 hour curriculum and contains hundreds pages of information. The Rethink-a-Drink™ class is delivered in the form of an online classroom, where videos, content, quizzes and multi-media presentations are utilized. This course is considered interactive and comprehensive.

Offender Solutions® was founded through the combined 43 years of experience of a master’s level Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC), parole officer, a juvenile probation officer, two college instructors and a justice system policy analyst. Each of these roles contributed greatly to the style, delivery and content of the work we do.

We use best practices and evidence based principles. Offender Solutions® addresses victim awareness issues, accountability and personal responsibility. Our approach is the most effective intervention - cognitive restructuring.


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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I've paid, how do I get to, and start, my MIP Alcohol Awareness class?
A: Click HERE to sign in and begin your online class.

Q: How does the court (referring person) know I completed the Rethink-a-Drink™ class ?
A: You are automatically authorized to generate a certificate as soon as you complete your alcohol class. At registration, if you enter the email address of the person who referred you, that person will automatically be notified of your alcohol class registration and completion status. We will, at your request, notify the referring person (or your attorney) of your Rethink-a-Drink™ class completion status.

Q: Will I get a Certificate of Completion?
A: Upon successful completion of the Rethink-a-Drink™ class , a completion certificate is unlocked and immediately available to you. Also, and upon request we can mail, fax or email your MIP class Completion Certificate to any person you would like.

Q: What happens after I complete the alcohol awareness class?
A: If you provided an email address of the person who told you to take an alcohol awareness class, a notice of your successful underage drinking class completion.

Q: How long does the Rethink-a-Drink™ class take to complete?
A: On average it takes approximately 4 hours of work to complete the MIP class . Depending on how fast you work it can take a little longer or a little less. You can start and stop your class anytime. Upon return, the computer will "remember" where you stopped and return you there.

Q: How long do I have to start and finish the Alcohol Awareness class?
A: Usually the person who refers you to an Underage Drinking/Alcohol Awareness class decides your timeline. We don't impose a timeline on you. We will, however, close your MIP class if there is a substantial period of inactivity.

Q: : How many chapters are there in the Rethink-a-Drink™ classes?
A: There is a short "introduction" chapter and there are a total of 7 chapters in the Rethink-a-Drink™ curriculum. Each chapter has an exam at the end before going on to the next chapter. There is also a summary and final exam.

Q: I only have 3 days left to get this Alcohol Education Class done, can I finish it that quickly?
A: Yes, however you will still be required to complete all the readings and answer each set of questions at the end of each chapter followed by a final exam. It is more up to you and your willingness to commit. You must still meet our standards when it comes to acceptable test answers.

Q: . Does this MIP / Alcohol Awareness class meet courts requirement for an MIP Alcohol Class?
A: Likely yes. To date no agencies have declined the use of our Rethink-a-Drink™ program. However you do need to double check with the person who referred you in order to be absolutely certain.

Q: What if I don't feel I have an alcohol problem but I have been told I have to take this MIP Alcohol Awareness class?
A: Regardless of your situation, all of the information within this alcohol education class should apply directly to your situation or life in general.

Q: Can I really take my alcohol awareness class anytime - day or night?

A: That's right! You can take your Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class anytime, day or night, 23 hours a day 7 days a week. You also only need to work on your alcohol awareness class for as long as you want to. Stop and start when you want - the system will remember where you last ended your alcohol awareness class.

Q: Are your Rethink-a-Drink™ class exams difficult to pass?

A: Our exams do have fairly high standards. If you want to be sure to successfully complete any one chapter in your online alcohol awareness class you will very likely pass the exam if you simply read the material in that chapter. The only people who report our Rethink-a-Drink™ exams to be problematic are the people who tried "skimming" without learning. Our exams are typically reported to be easy after the person actually reads the chapter.

Q: What if I need help, have a problem or need support?

A: Support to our Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol awareness class is very important to Offender Solutions®. We offer email support seven days a week 15 hours a day. We provide phone support 10 hours a day on weekdays are often available by phone on weekends. You can email or and you will typically get a response in 1 hour or less.

Q: I am not going to be able to complete my Alcohol Education class by the deadline that I was given. What do I do?
A: We would encourage you to: 1. Do everything in your power to attempt to complete on time. 2. Contact your referring person (PO, judge, attorney, employer, school Etc.) and ask for an extension. In any case, communicating with everyone involved is very important.

Q: I have a yellow triangle preventing me from starting my chapter. What can I do?
A: If you ever get a yellow triangle icon preventing you from opening a chapter, here is what you can do:

.  Double click on the yellow triangle

.  Wait for the pop up window to open

.  Close the pop up window

Go up to "View" on your toolbar and select "Refresh"
(or hit your F5 key to refresh)

Q: My Rethink-a-Drink™ class is stuck, it starts to open (or close) but isn't opening, the message just says "Wait! Do not close window" What am I suppose to do?

A1: Look to the top of your screen and determine if you have a pop-up blocker message (often a yellow bar in your browser window). Click on the pop-up blocker and in the drop down select "Always allow ..." Otherwise, simply turn off you pop-up blocker.

A2: If you haven't tuned your computer up recently you could get "stuck" opening a chapter or closing a chapter. The problem is typically easily resolved by cleaning out your "cookies" and or "Temporary Internet Files".

To clean these files out (assuming you are in Internet Explorer) go to the top of Internet Explorer and:

Your class should work fine now.

Q: Tell me about the Offender Solutions® Inc. Rethink-a-Drink™ Alchol Awareness Class

A: Offender Solutions® Inc. provides a four (4) hour alcohol awareness/alcohol education class. The Rethink-a-Drink curriculum is based on current alcohol research and information. Our alcohol education class teaches about the history of alcohol and associated attitudes and problem, it puts into context why alcoho is so commonly a concern, the "levels of use" are identified and the student's "level of use" is screened. The common risk factors are identified and the student is encouraged to ponder his or her attitudes, values and beliefs about underage drinking. The class is presented in an objective and nonjudgmental way and no attempt is made to change or sway the student. A key component of a meaningful alcohol education class is to educate the student about the refusal skills, strategy and techniques. The Offender Solutions® alcohol awareness class uses a cognitive restructuring approach which basically follows the tenant of Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993): "Change your thoughts and you will change your world." Our alcohol education class asks the student to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs. This class asks the student to figure out what they believe, who they are and to identify their value system.

Q: What are you going to try to do to me in your MIP Alcohol Awareness Class?

A: Strangely enough this question is quite important! It is of high importance to Offender Solutions® that we don't try to do anything to you. Our alcohol education class does not try to fix or change you. Our alcohol awareness classes do not judge you. Our Rethink-a-Drink class does not try to force anything on you and has no intent of imposing change or our values on you. Critical to the values of Offender Solutions® is the need to: a) be respectful of the student, b) not be judgmental of the student, c) not try to impose "the truth" on the alcohol class student and d) not try to impose change on the student. Our Rethink-a-Drink™ class is education oriented and works under the assumption that if you learn you will change your thoughts. If you change your thoughts you will change your behavior, your life and your world. Yes, with great confidence we are strong believers in education, we attribute education to have converted the human animal to the human being. Any change that comes as a result of taking our alcohol education/awareness class is change that the student makes. We can take credit for providing meaningful information; the student needs to take credit for any changes he or she makes.

Q: Are there added costs or other things to buy?

A: The Offender Solutions® Online Rethink-a-Drink™ class is 100% online. There are no additional items to buy and there are no added costs. Our workbook class (taking the class though the mail and a paper workbook) costs more because of printing, binding, handling and shipping costs.

Q: Will the Offender Solutions® Rethink-a-Drink™ alcohol education/awareness class be accepted by the person who referred me to an alcohol education class?

A: Offender Solutions® is a nationwide premier provider of online classes and has been accepted in every state in the country. That said, there is no national standard for alcohol educationt classes and any judge, probation officer, school or employer can accept an alcohol education class or reject it. We do offer a money back guarantee (be sure to read the details) if our alcohol education class is not accepted.

Q: How do I get my Alcohol Awareness Class completion certificate?

A: After you have completed alcohol education class a Completion Certificate is immediately made available to you. If you want Offender Solutions® to mail or email you a certificate, just ask - no added fee. Mailed Rethink-a-Drink™ class Completion Certificates are embossed and can be sent directly to the person who referred you to our alcohol education class.


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A Really Good Choice

Our Re-think-a-Drink™ underage alcohol awareness class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, teen court, peer court, youth court, PO, diversion or school required program.

A 100% online alcohol education class you can from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. There is nothing to download or print, simply register, log in, pay and begin your alcohol class.

Your Certificate of Completion is immediately available upon completion - at no extra charge.

Our Courses Include:

24 hour access to your class

Immediate Proof of Enrollment

Start and stop at any time - work at your pace

Use home computer or public library

A world class learning experience

User friendly

Support by phone weekdays, by email 7 days a week

Free Certificate of Completion immediately available upon completion

Workbook (mail) class available too.

Our Philosophy

Change your thoughts and you change your world .

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

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